Solid Bronze Cat Jumping Off Shelf by Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins

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CAT JUMPING OFF SHELF A solid bronze cat jumping off a shelf - created by the renowned British sculptor, Paul Jenkins. The patina is fabulous, the craftsmanship is incredibly detailed and captures the cat's 'mid jump' characteristics perfectly. Paul's inspiration comes from his love of nature and from direct observation of animals in their natural habitat. SIGNED. Crafted using using the lost wax, hot cast method - a process over 6000 years old. It was perfected by the ancient cultures in Greece, Rome and Egypt and is still used today. The lost wax casting method is a highly skilled, complex, time and labour intensive process. This, combined with the cost of the raw material gives rise to the cost of a genuine bronze sculpture and creates a n investment opportunity which you do not get with cold cast bronze. PAUL JENKINS Paul first started his career in art the early 70's sculpting in wood and then found himself drawn to sculpting in clay and wax. He went on to study ceramics at Dudley College of Art before setting up his own business making and selling sculpture and ceramics all over the world. Within five years he had a growing customer base including galleries, private collectors and several pieces for the National Trust which were presented to individuals in recognition of outstanding contributions within the trust.

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