Eddington Poach Egg Holders Set of 2

Stow Green

  • £6.99

  • Two eggshell shaped flexible silicone egg poachers
  • Transforms any normal pan into an egg poacher
  • More compact than a traditional egg poacher
  • Non stick easy release and easy to clean
  • Heat resistant to 675 degrees F
  • 6cm x 9.50cm diam

Product Description The Eddingtons silicone egg shell poachers are the fun and simple way to poach eggs. Simply place one or two eggs in one of the greased poaching shells, place in a pan with a low level of boiling water, put the pan lid on and in moments you have perfectly poached eggs. No fuss, no mess, no swirling water and no broken yolk's. The silicone poachers can be used on the hob in a pan, in the microwave, are oven, freezer and dishwasher safe and being non stick are easy to clean. Also ideal moulds for jellies, desserts, rice and baking. Box Contains 1 x White Silicone Egg Shell Poacher 1 x Yellow Silicone Egg Shell Poacher

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